Kostenlose dates Bonn

Die Ausstellung ist an allen drei Aufführungstagen zu sehen und öffnet jeweils eine Stunde vor Vorstellungsbeginn.Die Ausstellung ist kostenlos und öffentlich zugänglich; für das Theaterstück benötigen Sie eine Reservierung (hier buchbar).

kostenlose dates Bonn

The church service will be prepared by the students as a project of their theology course.Die Studenten haben sich intensiv mit dem Begriff der Heldin beschäftigt und durch kritische Hinterfragung Themen wie Courage, Gleichberechtigung, Gerechtigkeit und Aktivismus beleuchtet.Lassen Sie sich auf eine Reise durch Zeiten, Räume und Geschichten mitnehmen; und stellen Sie sich dabei selbst die Frage: was macht einen Helden, was macht eine Heldin für mich aus?Each is given a choice to knowingly accept a life of pain and suffering for the greater good… Conceived and Arranged by Diane Benedict Directed by Diane Benedict & Marcus Violette Choreography by Marcus Violette and Skaska Thylmann Music Arrangements & Direction by Michael Barfuss Costumes by Jorinde Thylmann Lighting by Stephan Kraske Percussion: Roberto Hurtado Salgado A cooperation with Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles and the Academy for International Education Bonn.saving others, helping the weak or forgotten, freeing the oppressed or persecuted… Dates: THU April 27 / 8 PM Opening Night – Admission & Vernissage from 7 PMFRI April 28 / 8 PMSAT April 29 / 2 PM Location: Theater im Ballsaal Frongasse 9 53121 Bonn-Endenich Free tickets available here.

Kostenlose dates Bonn

With the support of more than 70 students, we will make sure that the tradition continues.Thank you for your continuing engagement and your fantastic support! Or should I say ALAAAAAAF for ‘tis the season of Karneval!(Admission only with reservation.) More Information: addition to the theater play, as a result of an interdisciplinary cross-program approach to an overarching topic, students from the Visualization Department at Texas A&M University in collaboration with the Academy for International Education found their own definition of “Heroines” and will be presenting their multimedia semester projects at the theater’s foyer.The students took a closer look at the notion of heroine while asking themselves critical questions and intensively investigating related themes such as courage, equal rights, justice, and activism.Prior to arriving in Germany, I asked many past students who had participated in this program what their favorite thing about their study abroad experience was. ” I learned that Karneval was a nation-wide festival that starts on November 11th at AM and lasts until Ash Wednesday!

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Although the various Karneval festivities were great, one of the biggest highlights of my weekend was participating in the LïKüRa Parade!The exhibit is free and open to the public; in order to see the theater play, prior reservation is necessary. Curated by: Stephanie Brandt, Sonja Weber und Visualization students from the Texas A&M University We are very proud to say, that on behalf of all participants of the International Big Event and the AIB Charity Weekend we were granted a special honor from the city of Bonn.As a recognition of the many AIB students who have volunteered in various projects and engaged themselves with local initiatives as part of the International Big Event, the city of Bonn has included a poster of one of our projects to the “Engagement Gallery” in the city hall.Led by the students designs, go on a journey through time, space and stories; and expose yourself to the question: what defines a hero or heroine for me?The exhibition is accessible on all three performance days and opens one hour before the Theater performance.

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