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Regards, Bob----- Original Message ----- From: "Georgia Bruns" Dear Hannover Listers, I was told today that Napoleon ordered civil registration throughout Europe and that these records are extant.

Would someone mind letting me know how much of the former kingdom of Hannover I will have covered when I trawl these films (1727899 & 1742273) for my HAMILTONs.It is probably a good idea to look at records separately for Hannover (Province), Kreis (county - if you are lucky enough to know it), and town name. netdating sider Faaborg-Midtfyn I think you will get index links to "census" and all those other items. sometimes he recorded that someone in the family is dead with the cross mark.... I hope you are lucky to have these on your records..... Her name was Caroline Wilhelmine Albertine Nehring and she married Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Papke (born June 24, 1848 at Pöhlen, Pommern) on November 23, 1875. depending on if the minister recorded the wife, kids,etc. One married into my line of Papkes and I thought that I would mention her to you as a long shot that she is in your lines.

Netdate Langeland

When you do a PLACE search, you are searching thru the Salt Lake City LDS Library Catalog. Hello Jan, there is only one Meensen in Germany and I happen to know it well. It is a very small village with not more than a few hundred people. (Hannoversch) Münden, in the very south of the "former Kingdom of Hannover" where the rivers Fulda and Werra join to form the Weser River. -----Original Message----- From: Jan Perry Dear Oda, Thank you very much.It is probably a good idea to look at records separately for Hannover (Province), Kreis (county - if you are lucky enough to know it), and town name. I really appreciate everyone on this list and their helpfulness. Georgia Nuehring Bruns researching Nuhring, Nuehring, Nehring, Kreplin, Warnholtz, Grossman, Yauslin, Homeyer, Sander, Schultz, and many others. Meesen is now under Scheden as far as a postal address is needed, a slightly bigger village 4km away. It helps me to understand something about how difficult it is going to be to find a Hannoverian ancestor without knowing his place of birth. I could scan and send if anyone would care to look. I don't have a lot of information because I have been focusing primarily on his brother Ernst Gotthilf (seventh son) and Caroline Charlotte Henriette (first daughter), both of whom came to the United States (Ernst Gotthilf was my grandfather). ----- Original Message ----- From: Georgia Bruns Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 PM To: hannover-l(a)Subject: [HN] Translation of Records Hi, I am trying to transcribe some German records made here in the United States I have a list of church members, with the amounts they pledged to give to the church. He was probably the eldest son of August Wilhelm Papke and Charlotte Wilhelmine Göde who were married at the end of 1846.However, many of the old records copied are still in IGI.

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