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Today a marriage has to be recorded before the civil registrar first, and then a couple can proceed with a church wedding.

Source: Wikipedia: Standesamt The information from civil registration offices is not readily available to the public, except for Northern Schleswig that is now part of Denmark. In 1874, German civil authorities registered births, marriages, and deaths in Tønder, Haderslev, Åbenrå, and Sønderborg counties(Southern Jylland in modern Denmark).

A separate series of articles are available on the wiki for Lübeck, a region of Schleswig-Holstein which was a different state of the German Empire until 1945.

However, research guidance in this article will also apply to Lübeck. The Standesämter took over from parishes which recorded baptisms, marriages and burials as recorded by the parish clerk or the pastor himself.

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One or more of the following criteria must apply: Evidence of an increase or decrease of a cardiac biomarker (preferably troponin) with Fieldname: basis_kardmyopath Note in CRF: If the response to this question is “yes”, please complete the “Cardiomyopathy Diagnostics” form.On October 1, 1874 Prussia established civil registration in its territories and in 1876, January 1, all of Germany followed suit. When the Standesamt took over, the clerk represented the state.For instance, he recorded before witnesses the start of the marriage, and so gave the union more legitimacy which also extended to the legitimacy and rights of the children.Possible symptoms are: is defined as a diagnosis by a doctor of a chronic lung disease (e.g.COPD, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis) and/or their pharmacological treatment, for example, with inhalable or oral pharmaceuticals.

Seriose sex dating seiten Lübeck

The sections below—"Births [Geburten]," "Marriages [Heiraten]," and "Deaths [Toten]"—describe the German civil registration records for the counties that were under German administration.Birth records generally give the child's name, sex, and birth date and place and the parents' names.Later records provide additional details, such as the birthplace and parents' ages, father's occupation, mother's marital status, and number of other children born to the mother.Families generally registered births within a few days of the child's birth.DZHK- is defined as a medically diagnosed myocardial infarction or stroke in one or both biological parents, biological siblings (including half-siblings) or biological children, provided the female relative was under age 65, or the male relative under age 55 (when the myocardial infarction/stroke occurred).

DZHK- Fieldname: basis_family Note in CRF: Family history of myocardial infarction or stroke in parents, siblings or children under the age of 65 for women or under 55 for men Data Type: String with following options yes no unknown not assessed is defined as a current or previous diagnosis of arterial hypertension which was diagnosed and/or is being treated by a doctor. dietary changes, physical activity and/or medication. Systolic blood pressure values ≥ 140 mm Hg and/or diastolic blood pressure values ≥ 90mm Hg measured by a doctor on is a diagnosis of the disease by a doctor.

Data Type: String with following options yes no unkown not assessed is defined as a current or previous diagnosis and documentation by a doctor of heart failure, based on the following symptoms: shortness of breath with mild exertion, recurrent shortness of breath when sitting, fluid overload or pulmonary rales, distention of the neck veins, pulmonary oedema on physical examination or pulmonary oedema on chest x-rays.

Documentation of reduced left ventricular function alone in the absence of clinical signs of heart failure does not meet the criteria for heart failure. Congenital heart defects include shunt defects (e.g.

Later death registers may contain the age or birth date and place, residence or street address, occupation, cause of death, burial information, and informant's name (often a relative). Therefore, you must determine the town where your ancestor lived before you can find the records.

The Landsarkivet located in Åbenrå has the records for Northern Schleswig which is now called Southern Jylland in Denmark.

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