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Within frontier zones were there formal boundaries or precise geographical limits and, if so, how were they defined?To what extent did cultural, economic or even administrative criteria determine the location and function of frontiers?Some see demarcated frontier lines as entirely military in function, intended primarily to protect the territorial integrity of the Empire and exclude, or at least strongly discourage, unwanted infiltration.

Did soldiers everywhere have a uniform military diet, or did they spice things up with flavours from home, or make use of local specialities? Recent research and developing techniques are revealing new insights into expressions of identity, methods of production and logistics of supply.We know that huge quantities of refuse (Abfall) were dealt with in the Roman army, as witnessed by the size of the famous Schutthügel of Vindonissa.Many of the refuse pits and dumps used by the Romans were excavated.Or is the reputation of the Roman Army as a careful recycler of materials wildly overstated and not reflected in the finds?This session proposes to look at the disposal of rubbish in the Roman Army, to answer questions on everyday processes in army camps and on supply and demand of materials.

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How did the processes of rubbish collection work in the very structured environment of a camp?Which materials were thrown our and which kept for re-use? Did re-use change with the fluctuating supply of certain materials?To what extent were the local peoples treated differently on either side of those frontier lines which we can define?Why do some linear barriers appear to have been provided with multiple gateways while others have very few?Papers concentrating on the epigraphic evidence for the public administration of military vici (magistri vici? Open/Closed frontiers (Bill Hanson) Description: One of the primary interests of Limes Congresses has always been to understand how frontier systems operated and what function(s) they were intended to perform.

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There is, however, a major dichotomy in our current interpretations of their role.What you eat, how you prepare food and who you dine with can indicate a range of factors including cultural background or ethnicity, and economic or social status.Diverse people moved around the frontier zones: foreign soldiers were sent on military postings whilst local people and workers moved to industrial sites, towns and extra-mural settlements.Roman Soldiers and Religion (Ines Klenner / Nicole Birkle) 19.How to build a Roman camp (Eckhard Deschler-Erb / Sabine Deschler / Gabriele Rasbach) 20.

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